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  Puppies available Fall 2020        Import Bloodlines ISDS/ABCA We encourage that you take time and browse through our website, many if not most of your questions can be answered right here, if you wish to ask questions, we welcome you to contact us.                          

 It all starts here at home





Now excepting dogs for starting and training!

♥Rooms in our home are available for those needing an overnight stay who plan on a pick up, drop off of a pup or dog coming a long distance or for lessons and viewing. (Please Inquire)

 *Schedule of time and days for daily viewing and showing of dogs working are available, please call to make arrangements.

You may want to bring binoculars,all our dogs are worked out in the open on hundreds of acres, not in small pens/arenas or pastures unless starting pups.( You will see and experience the Border Collie perform and work as they should).

*Personal showings and viewing of dogs with walk through of kennels and/or instructions will made by appointment only.

  Bruce (Sold)


* See Puppies Pg.1  

Two curious males and two weeks..




*Male 12 mos.


 *Please inquire on current and upcoming dogs/pups in training and started/finished dogs.


 †♥† You can teach any dog to hang off the throat of livestock, but it takes an intelligent dog that possesses the instinct to out wit its component and to know when to put the pressure on and when not too, that's the art of perfection and patience in breeding.




Will be greatly missed!

     A watchful eye at the end of the day...

Fat On Grass


Lodi & Scott



Generations of Masterful Breeding Generations of Int/World CH Working /Trial Cattle and Sheep Dogs.

*Even though we boast on champion after champion, it does not make any one dog the next champion and a true champion should be able to walk off the course and do a days job as this breed was bred to do...... 


           Import "FLY"    
Imported from The UK "Fly is coming with trial points placing well.



                                        Young Pups Starting




         Devil or Angel ?



 "Moss' 12 weeks out of "FLY by Rock" Above ( Sold )

Natives of Scotland, Border Collies are notorious for their ability to “eye


          “From head to tail the border Collie is all dog, and pure dog, fashioned by nature and wise men for a useful purpose and thirled to its traditions by the very validity of its ancient and honorable calling.”

John Herries McCulloch
Galloway Scotland



Lessons Jim & Cap

Cap 9 weeks

No other breed is bred to work "all  around" than the   Border Collie ........................ no hill too steep or valley to low, wild cattle or quiet sheep (not all sheep are calm), watch over and guard all livestock, should not discriminate against any livestock nor be timid or overly aggressive yet steady, should be able to hold, push, bring too, sent out on extremely long distances after a command has been given .... use the power of their eye at all times, be biddable when need be, able to take and understand commands of up to 1000 words and yet think on their own in the height of their working years. This is a fact!


                     Catch This News Flash!!!

   John Deere-"driving" dog crashes on Scottish highway↓


 Promising Future Brace Team; Scott front, Jim back, Full Brothers

 "Fergi" below; is the ultimate working dog, with great lineage and proven work history. In her prime now, Fergi and her daughter now 3 yrs of age have done the work of 4-5 men, moving quietly up to 400 hundred head of cattle. Now that's amazing!


 The High Sierras Ranch, Home of "Gip and Rope"

  Picture of Spur and Flag won a spot in

"Border Collies in Action" Calendar, month of May 2013




Congratulations! Gip & Rope! winner in the CCA photo contest, Great job Kate!


           Top Hands!



Happiest New Owner !

Good luck starting your pup and best of luck with "Joy" as your 4H Project

( We received some bad news that "Joy" now a year old,"has broken her back due to a possible horse accident, she is expected to recover 90%, and amazingly is walking! our thoughts are with you and your family)


 "Swift" 8 weeks (Sold)

Yes, we do ship within the U.S, Canada and International. All puppies and started dogs come with a Vet Exam, Vaccines and Worming.

 We do hold with deposit.

Shipping costs are variable depending on total weight of crate and the dog or pup that is being shipped. The price for shipping is reasonable. You may send your own crate, if that is a preference, or include a crate with your purchase. A health certificate is required by law for a dog/pup to fly, this is a very minimal cost to the buyer, we provide trip to airport/vet exam, first vaccines and worming.

We are flexible in this process ,please feel free to ask questions about how it works... 

We make shipping a pleasant experience for both dog and owner that gives a peace of mind and safe arrival to their destination. All airlines we use are dog friendly, compatible pressurized, lights off quite compartments.

 We raise and guarantee nothing but healthy and sound Border Collie pups/dogs while on our ranch. Borders Collies if bred correctly are historically known to have little to no health problems, recently some Borders have had health issues, this is due to genetics and bloodlines. Our dogs are proven and have no health problems or issues!


For information about our started dogs, puppies and availability, please call or email.

♥References and testimonials available upon request.

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